Unofficial Private Investigator

I was thinking about all the times that I felt something was off with the douchebag. My intuition was always so strong and at times, I had to fight the urge to do a little investigating.

In no particular order, I recall a time when I sensed he was up to something on his iPhone. I’m normally not one to look through his phone, but I felt something was amiss. I asked him to see his phone and of course, he was taken aback. His fingers were so quick to swipe whatever window or apps he was on and closed them. When I checked safari, all the history was deleted and windows were closed. The only screen that was up was Google. I asked him why he deleted the history and closed out the windows and his response was that leaving all of the above open and undeleted slowed his iPhone down. Seriously? He must’ve thought that I was so naive and so gullible.

I’ve blogged previously about my intuition being spot on but without the burden of proof, it would simply be an assumption. I had hired a private investigator to get me proof of not only his infidelity but to give light to my gut instinct being right. I’ve also said that I trust that bitch like no other and will never dismiss it when I feel it.

Prior to hiring the PI, though, I had done some of my own investigation and found the apartment where the douchebag had moved to when he left the marital home. While investigating, I found out who the whore was, what she did for a living, who she was married to before, where she used to live and a few other things. Yes, I am that person who will find out whatever it is I want and need to know.

The private investigator was astounded by the amount of information I had that he offered me a job.🤣 My attorney was also rather impressed!


It is not my life’s mission to do any background checks or stalking, if you will, on just anyone. I had done it because I needed the burden of proof that what I felt my ex was doing, was in fact true. If I ever felt the need to do any fact checking, I will just walk away instead. I don’t want to ever go thru the kind of grief that I experienced with the douchebag.

Be honest & don’t hide shit from me because then you will awaken that bitch and I will be forced to do some investigating.😜

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