I barely got any sleep last night; a mere 3 hours and I am tired as fuck. But, this is the kind of thing I have been experiencing since D Day. I don’t take sleeping pills because I hate the way I feel when I wake up the next day. I usually wake up feeling like I have a hangover. I used to do edibles like an hour before bedtime, but it gets expensive.

Speaking of expensive, I wish that the state of divorce wasn’t a no fault state and allowed former spouses to sue the cheating philanderer and the whore. They should be made to pay for the trauma they both caused, for any medical treatments indefinitely, and a monthly stipen for at least 5 years. They should be held responsible for their choice to commit adultery.

Although that would be ideal, I could only dream that it were true. It sickens me that we are left to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and right our topsy turvy life. And, not that any amount of money could ever replace the love and life we once thought would last until forever, but the compensation would help in rebuilding our lives, and sometimes from the ground up.

Some chumps mental healths decline to the point that they don’t see life worth living and harm themselves or worse, take their own lives. Who should be held responsible then?

I know that it may sound dramatic to those who have never been in a situation that involved infidelity or cheating, but believe me, you would never want to.


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